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Monday, April 27, 2015

Reusable Food Pouches Review

Babies eat a lot of food.  Problem is, you usually can't grab something for them when your on a long trip and maybe hitting up the drive thru's for a hike or picnic in the mountains.  It's a total bummer, especially if you make your own baby food.  It means having to pack a bunch of glass jars which can break on a hike or even just in the car leaving a huge mess or a ton of Tupperware which takes up a lot of space in a bag or cooler.  So, what is a mom to do who makes her own baby food?  

Universal Air Vent Mount Review

I just got my first smart phone about a month ago and am still learning to use it and work with it's size.  In the past I just slipped my little flip phone in a cup holder or left it in my pocket when I was in the car.  Now, the new phone doesn't exactly fit in the cup holder without falling out when you take pretty much any corner and it's too big to leave in a jean pocket.  Kinda a problem when you drive a big SUV and it falls on the floor, it pretty much just lives their the rest of the trip because the car is too big to just lean across at the next light.  So, much for the navigation app that was helping me to find the place I was trying to go!

Ladybug Clip Review

My little one is teething and tends to lose his teethers left and right.  I've found that freezing or chilling some pacifiers can work while I'm disinfecting the teethers.  I have some great teething necklaces, but when I'm not holding him the teethers tend to get lost.  Still teether, chilled pacifier they all seem to drop and then I'm either searching his seat for them or trying to figure out where he lost them on his crawling expedition around the house.  It is such a pain!  

Fabness Review

Since becoming a mom one of my favorite things to decorate the house with is art, pictures, basically anything that has to do with my kids and family.  They make the best focal points on a wall and make any house into a home.  This fall we went up into the fall leaves and took some photo's that I just love.  I've been trying to find a way to display one of the family that happens to be my favorite!

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